Lupa API, has just become even more powerful and user-friendly! ⭐

What sets Lupa API apart?

🔹 Simplified queries – Just one parameter needed for straightforward searches, and the API handles the rest.

🔹 Intuitive flexibility – Use the same endpoint for both simple and complex queries, catering to all your needs.

🔹 Lightning-fast speed – Say goodbye to waiting for seconds; experience lightning-speed results.

🔹 Ready-to-use SDK and wrapper – With an available SDK and wrapper, integrating the API becomes a breeze. Choose between manual configuration or automated setup.

Elevate your platform, uncover valuable insights, enrich your existing data, or find the perfect profiles with ease.

Experience the future of API-powered search with Lupasearch.com API. ⚡

Dive into comprehensive data samples and a step-by-step tutorial for a smooth onboarding process.


Lupa is highly configurable Software as a Service (SaaS) search engine for different types of web applications, including e-commerce.

Lupa is available as an API service: you just need to import all of your Documents (Items/Products), configure search settings and let Lupa do the job for you.

The base URL for the production environment API is https://api.lupasearch.com.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Authentication
  2. Create Index
  3. Configure Mapping
  4. Import Documents
  5. Create Query
  6. Use Public Query


You can also explore our guides on specific topics:


  • The traffic limit from a single IP is capped at 400 requests per 10 seconds. This threshold should accommodate standard workloads, where requests originate from end-user machines directly to our API. However, this limitation might be worth considering if you are proxying client requests through a single IP.

  • The maximum allowable body size for a single request is 10MB. For larger data transmissions (e.g., importing extensive product feeds), consider splitting the data into multiple requests.