Lupa API, has just become even more powerful and user-friendly! ⭐

What sets Lupa API apart?

🔹 Simplified queries – Just one parameter needed for straightforward searches, and the API handles the rest.

🔹 Intuitive flexibility – Use the same endpoint for both simple and complex queries, catering to all your needs.

🔹 Lightning-fast speed – Say goodbye to waiting for seconds; experience lightning-speed results.

🔹 Ready-to-use SDK and wrapper – With an available SDK and wrapper, integrating the API becomes a breeze. Choose between manual configuration or automated setup.

Elevate your platform, uncover valuable insights, enrich your existing data, or find the perfect profiles with ease.

Experience the future of API-powered search with Lupasearch.com API. ⚡

Dive into comprehensive data samples and a step-by-step tutorial for a smooth onboarding process.


Lupa is highly configurable Software as a Service (SaaS) search engine for different types of web applications, including e-commerce.

Lupa is available as an API service: you just need to import all of your Documents (Items/Products), configure search settings and let Lupa do the job for you.

The base URL for the production environment API is https://api.lupasearch.com.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Authentication
  2. Create Index
  3. Configure Mapping
  4. Import Documents
  5. Create Query
  6. Use Public Query


You can also explore our guides on specific topics:


  • The traffic limit from a single IP is capped at 400 requests per 10 seconds. This threshold should accommodate standard workloads, where requests originate from end-user machines directly to our API. However, this limitation might be worth considering if you are proxying client requests through a single IP.

  • The maximum allowable body size for a single request is 10MB. For larger data transmissions (e.g., importing extensive product feeds), consider splitting the data into multiple requests.

Status Page

You can check the status of the Lupa API at any time on our status page.